The Ultimate Driving Playlist & How It Impacts Your Driving…

For many, getting in the car and switching on the radio or selecting a playlist is as much of an instinct as putting the keys in the ignition. Background noise such as music playing has become a natural part of driving. And it’s easy to understand why. Music is a mood booster and there’s nothing better than cruising down the street with your favourite songs blaring out the speakers. But just as music can affect your mood, we’ve discovered it can also affect your driving. Your favourite songs, while seemingly fine to you, can actually have a detrimental impact on your driving abilities. Studies have found that certain types of music can make drivers deviate from their lanes and increase their speed, resulting in more dangerous driving.

Worried about your playlist and keen to know more about how your music choice can affect your driving?
We’ve created an infographic examining how each track from the top road trip and driving playlists in Spotify will affect your abilities, based on our own unique research. You can find this below and further down the page you can also find a playlist we’ve compiled of the most listened to driving hits. Be aware however that you might want to avoid putting in on the car stereo.

ultimate driving playlist and how music affects your driving

Listen To Our Driving Playlist

We analysed every track across the most popular road trip and driving playlists to assess the impact on your driving. We also compiled the tracks to discover the most popular songs across these playlists.

Below is our ultimate playlist showing what you want to listen to when out and about in your car.
Let us know your thoughts on the hit list and enjoy… just maybe not when on the roads!