What is an SUV?

SUV stands for sports utility vehicle, which essentially means a sturdy, spacious and rugged vehicle that usually has 4 wheel drive. Whilst most SUVs are 4×4, sometimes the name can also apply to cars with plenty of interior space and a high driving position.

Why Hire an SUV?

There are many benefits that come with an SUV or 4 wheel drive vehicle. When you need to take advantage of these for a short time without investing in an SUV for everyday use, SUV rental is the perfect solution. Here are some of the advantages of SUVs we love:

  • Safety – these large, heavy cars are built with safety in mind. They have a strong chassis which helps to withstand collisions. The safety benefits make them an ideal choice for a family car, perfect for holidays and road trips. The higher driving position also provides a better view of the road ahead.
  • Practicality – the size and space an SUV provides makes it a practical choice when you have plenty to transport. Perhaps you struggle to fit everything in your car for a family holiday or camping trip. Maybe you enjoy a hobby like surfing or mountain biking and you want to transport all your gear. You’ll get the extra room you need with an SUV, making it a really practical and comfortable choice to hire. Most SUVs typically seat 5, with easy access through 4 passenger doors.
  • Towing Capabilities – many SUVs and 4x4s are fitted with a towbar which allows you to tow a boat, trailer or caravan. They tend to have powerful engines too, with engine sizes range from a surprisingly nippy 1.2 to a meaty 2.0 L. A big SUV doesn’t have to sacrifice on power.
  • Off Road Capabilities – many SUVs are 4 wheel drive and there are plenty of benefits to this type of vehicle. A 4×4 tends to have superior grip and is better for off roading. 4 wheel drive is also more effective in treacherous driving conditions like ice and snow.

How Much is it to Rent an SUV?

Our SUV hire prices start from as little as £20 per day. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and fantastic deals. Naturally, our prices vary depending on your choice of vehicle, but we’ll help you to find an SUV or 4×4 that’s in line with your budget. We also run frequent special offers, so keep an eye out to get the best prices!

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