What is a Medium, Midsize, Standard or Intermediate Car?

There are various different systems used to classify hire cars but you’ll often see medium cars called intermediate, midsize or standard. These cars usually fit 4-5 adults, along with 2 suitcases and 2 items of hand luggage. Most have 5 doors and engines usually range from 2.0L to 3.0L.

You might also hear medium cars described as class-C or simply a ‘small family car’. This type of car is really popular due to its versatility.

Why Hire a Medium Car?

Depending on which way you look at it, an intermediate car rental can offer a whole host of benefits. The biggest strength of a standard car is suggested through all its different names: it covers all the bases. There are no extreme advantages like there are for smaller or larger cars. A medium-sized car will suit a whole host of different needs and requirements.

  • Compromise – it’s not the biggest, or the smallest, or the most or least affordable. A midsize car hire does provide a good compromise. You’ll get some space without incurring a huge cost. A medium car will be manageable even if you’re used to something smaller. It’s a great in-between option.
  • Space – of course, a medium-sized car will provide more space than a small car. If you have a family to think of, renting a midsize car could be just what you need. There’s usually plenty of legroom and headroom, and a larger car might only provide extra width.
  • Fuel Consumption – compared to a larger car, a standard car will still be fairly fuel-efficient. This is down to the weight difference between medium and large cars.
  • Agility – whilst not as agile as a small car, a medium car will still be easier to manoeuvre than a larger vehicle.
  • Versatility – a standard car hire is one of the most adaptable options you can choose. If you need to pick up some extra colleagues or friends or fit in some extra luggage you’ll find the space. If you’re travelling alone, no worries, you’ve still got fuel efficiency on your side. You can use a medium rental car for different things on different days.

How Much is it to Hire a Medium Car?

Our medium car hire prices start at only £22.00 per day. Our prices will vary depending on your choice of medium car, but we’ll help you find something that works within your budget. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and incredible deals. We also run regular special offers, so make sure you keep an eye out to get the best prices!