What is a Small, Economy or Mini Car?

Hire cars are classified in different ways, but the terms you’ll generally see used for the smaller models available are small, economy or mini. A very small car might be classified as ‘mini’ and would be expected to fit two adults and two pieces of hand luggage in. An ‘economy’ car will usually fit 2-3 people, plus one large suitcase. You might also see small cars described as class A and B, with the A-segment covering ‘mini’ or ‘city’ cars and the B-segment covering slightly larger or ‘economy’ cars.

Both ‘economy’ and ‘mini’ cars are small cars. Engine size will usually be between 1.0L and 1.4L and your car will be front-wheel drive. These are usually hatchbacks, and yet another name they might go by are ‘compact’ cars.

If you’re under 25 and looking to hire a car you may be limited to some of the more ‘compact’ cars too, so this category is a good place to start your search. Find out more on our vehicle hire for young drivers page which covers questions about car hire for under 25s.

Why Hire a Small Car?

When you’re deciding which car is best for rent, don’t overlook the smaller models. It’s clear by their name that they’re not the most spacious vehicles available, but they bring different benefits that might just suit your needs.

  • Agility – smaller cars are more responsive when it comes to handling, which makes them more agile. This can make them really fun to drive in both city and countryside settings.
  • Affordability – smaller cars are often available at lower price points, so if you’re looking to hire with a tight budget you’ll want to consider them. They’re known as ‘economy’ for a reason!
  • Fuel Efficiency – just as small cars are often cheaper to hire, they’re usually cheaper to run too. With their small, economical engines you’ll be spending less on fuel during the time you hire the car. If you need to make some long journeys during your rental period, you’ll appreciate the fuel efficiency of a small car.
  • Parking – smaller cars are easier to park and manoeuvre. When you’re driving an unfamiliar car in a new place you might be really glad of this, as you never quite know what spaces you might need to squeeze the car in to!

How Much is it to Rent a Small Car?

Our small car hire prices start from just £14 per day. Our prices will vary depending on your choice of small car, but we’ll help you find something that suits your budget. We pride ourselves on our budget-friendly prices and incredible deals. We also run frequent special offers, so make sure you keep an eye out to get the best prices!