Check out some of the cool features

We have the new and flashy Audi A5 S-Line TDI and Audi A3 TDI Sedan! Both cars are really stylish but also comfortable offering a range of exciting features. They come with an on board computer including a Sat-Nav that makes getting to your destinations easy and painless along with the Bluetooth phone connection and listen to your own music without wires hanging everywhere. Additionally, they have air-conditioning to keep you cool in the rare British summer heat, and for the more standard weather, there is heated seats, which make travelling anywhere a pleasure.

The A5 S Line TDI can reach 35 MPG meaning your trips will be cost saving and efficient where as the A3 TDI can reach 43 MPG suggesting it is ideal for those long distance trips. As they are both diesel you get more miles for your money! Both cars are 5-door making it easy to get in and out of as well loading the car up if you’re travelling with family or business

A5 S-Lind TDI
A5 Rear
A5 Side
A3 Rear
A3 Side
A3 Side