We are proud to say that we are the only rental company in the area who are currently offering Infiniti Q50 & Q30! The Q50 is 2.2l petrol, automatic and the Q30 is 1.6l diesel, manual. Infiniti is the premium brand by Nissan.

Q30 Interior

The Infiniti Q50 & Q30 premium cars have exciting features such as front and rear parking censors to help you squeeze into those tight spots. They also have deluxe heated  seats so you can go anywhere in comfort. The Q50 has premium leather seats to be even more stylish. Additionally, there is dual zone adaptive climate control so that arguments over car temperature are thankfully, a thing of the past. The Q50 has stop start system and auto-dimming rear view mirror that means driving anywhere is a pleasure.  And the Q30 has on coming vehicle sensors to make all your driving safer. Bothmodels have sat-navs and Bluetooth for phone connectivity so you can make calls on the move or play your own tunes!