Renting a Car or Van for Business Use: Business Car Rental Tips

Paull’s is a local business which you can rely on for vehicle rental. We’ll always put you first, offering you nothing less than tip-top service. We use our vast knowledge and experience to get the perfect vehicle for your business. From getting your vehicle dropped off hassle-free, to adding on an extra day with no hidden admin fees. We’re able to assist you in exactly what you need when it comes to getting around for your business.

Should I consider rental for a busy period?

As a local Leicester business ourselves, we know some periods can be busier than others. When you need a vehicle for just a day or a month to get you through those periods, it’s not worthwhile buying a brand-new car or tying yourself up into a year’s contract with a lease. This is where you can rely on local rental, giving you the flexibility to have the vehicle only when you need it, with a contract tailored to you.

When looking for vehicles specifically for the busy periods, get in touch with Paull’s to see which of our vehicles is best suited to you. We keep a number of vehicles, from a nippy 1.4L Kia Picanto to crew vans for when you have temporary contractors giving you that helping hand to get through the busy period.

My employee needs a car temporarily

For those times where your employee may be without a car temporarily, consider local rental. Keep your employee content with a top of the range, new plate vehicles that they can offer to your employee. You can alter the rental contract to suit them, leaving you with a hassle-free rental

Our extensive range of vehicles gives your employees the chance to try something new. For those who like their estates, we like to recommend our SUV’s like the Nissan Qashqai. Qashqai’s offer all the space of an estate but in a stunning smart SUV with intelligent technology, for a fraction of the price of an estate.

Nissan Qashqai Paulls Vehicle Rental

Can I rent a vehicle when traveling for business?

Whether you’re looking to impress with a luxury vehicle or wanting to go economic with a hybrid for your drive down to London, look to local rental. If you don’t have a business car and you have a long drive ahead of you, don’t add the miles on to your own car.

At Paull’s, we use our knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the best-suited vehicle to your requirements. When traveling from Leicester to London, rent one of our fully electric Nissan Leaf’s or Toyota Auris hybrids. You’ll see to a 100% discount on congestion charges and some boroughs even offer free or reduced-charge parking for electric vehicles and hybrids. More than anything, save yourself on fuel expenses with the battery powered system.


Sit back and relax with Paull’s

Our team at Paull’s work harder to give you that personal touch ensuring you’re put first. With a range of vehicles, we endeavor to get you the right vehicle to suit your needs. If you can’t see it listed on our website – give us a call and we’ll see what we can do, even if you’re not quite sure what kind of vehicle it is you need. Tell us what you know, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re your local business where no ask is too big, just give us a call at: 0116 3400 007