The low loader is a Luton van but instead of having a tail lift, it has been designed to have a low loading height so it easier and safer to step in and out of when loading or unloading. The lack of a heavy tail lift means you can load the van to a heavier weight so effectively you get an increased payload compared to the Luton with tail lift. We are proud to be one of the few companies who have low loaders available for hire in Leicester, Loughborough and Market Harborough.

The low loading van is great for moving house as you can fit a lot into it and load and unload it safely and easily because the van sits at essentially curb height. The van is also great for reversing up to docks if you are collecting any items from a warehouse or even any big furniture pieces from shops like IKEA.  The best thing about the low loader is you can transport a lot of cargo without a special operators license.