What Is a Luton Van?

A Luton van (also known as a box van or Luton box van) is a commercial vehicle that has an enclosed box that extends over the cab. Luton vans take their name from the town of Luton, where they were originally produced. Their shape makes them ideal for lighter, but larger and bulkier loads – they were originally designed to transport straw for hats!

Why Hire a Luton Van with Tail Lift?

Luton vans are a go-to for those looking for a sturdy and versatile vehicle. They are ideal for moving furniture and other heavy items, making them a great choice for house moves. The tail lift means that the heavy items can be loaded at ground level and lifted up into the load bed, cutting down on manual lifting and risk of injury.

Luton Van Features

  • No of Doors 3
  • Load Length 4.0m
  • Load Width 2.0m
  • Load Height 2.2m
  • Load Weight 1000kg

Who Can Hire a Luton Van?

Our Luton van rental is available to drivers aged 25 and over. These vans can be driven on a normal UK driver’s licence. However, they are large vehicles, so if you’re a novice van driver, you will need time to get used to the size. Once you’ve done so, you’ll find they’re incredibly easy to operate – no more difficult than a car!

Domestic Hires

If you’re moving house, a Luton van is ideal. With plenty of space, you won’t need to dismantle your furniture, and the tail lift means items can be easily loaded. You also don’t need a special licence to drive a Luton van, so it’s great for short-term hire. 

Business Van Hire

Luton vans are also fantastic for businesses. Their size and capacity makes them ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads, such as building or landscaping materials, pallets or boxes, or furniture. 

There are different van rental prices available for business hires, with added options and benefits available, such as Chapter 8 and longer rental periods. You can even decal the van with your business name, logo and contact details. 

Luton Van

Booking Luton Van Rental

Booking your vehicle rental is easy. Simply give us a call on 0116 3400 007 or fill out the form below. Once your booking is confirmed, simply pick up your vehicle on your selected day from our location in Leicester city centre. Alternatively, if you’re a business customer, we can deliver the vehicle to your chosen address.

Our Luton vans are well equipped and less than 1 year old. Book your van hire in Leicester online today!


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